Hamburg, 09/04/2017 | Story | Social Responsibility JOBLINGE: How it feels to be a mentor

Olympus has been working in partnership with JOBLINGE e.V. since 2014. The organization supports young people who are struggling to get their careers off the ground by helping them to find their way in the working life. These young “Joblings” are supported by a mentor in a six-month program. Some Olympus employees who have already started to volunteer as mentors share their experiences in this article.

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A mentor can be anyone who has an established professional life and wants to get involved in helping others. Since 2016 Olympus has been involved as a mentoring partner and offers training for future mentors. The trainings are aimed at Olympus employees as well as volunteers from other companies and are all held at the Olympus offices in Hamburg.

Mentor and Olympus employee Olivia Strube

Your experience can be a guide for Joblings

If you choose to volunteer as a mentor with JOBLINGE e.V., you will not only be helping young people, but also have the chance to expand your own network and learn about yourself. Your colleagues Olivia Sandmann-Strube, Assistant to the Management Team of Consumer Product Division, and Tristan Ross, HR Controller at Corporate Division, can vouch for these positive aspects on their own experiences. They started off as mentors at the beginning of this year and have each helped one Jobling since then. And neither of them has any intention of stopping there.

But how much time will the volunteering take up?

Basically, each volunteer can decide how much time they are willing to invest. The organization recommends meeting with the Jobling once a week. This is what Olivia Sandmann-Strube did: “I would usually arrange to meet up with my Jobling for one-and-a-half to two hours a week. The good thing is that the JOBLINGE office is right around the corner from Olympus and they have rooms there that are ideal for these kinds of meetings.”

Olympus employee and JOBLINGE volunteer Tristan Ross

And what skills does a future mentor need to bring with them?

“No previous experience of mentoring is required. The organization offers so much support and there’s lots of help available through the Olympus mentoring program too (read more about this later on in the article). In fact, having the right attitude is much more important than being an expert. It’s important to be open to anything and demonstrate patience and perseverance,” explains Tristan Ross, who has past experience of mentoring from his college days. “And, of course, it’s important that you enjoy working with young people,” adds Olivia Sandmann-Strube.

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