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EVIS X1 Video Gastroscope


The GIF-EZ1500 video gastroscope offers full focus and high magnification for observational excellence.

  • Unique Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) technology combines images captured in near view with those taken in far view to generate an image with a wider depth of field, assuring superior observation with continuous wide focus.
  • Full Focus: in normal focus mode, GIF-EZ1500 can approach the subject as close as 3 mm, providing a clear, sharp view that may reduce the need to adjust the focus in routine use.
  • High magnification up to 1,5 mm with the ease of Dual Focus.
  • Proven NBI technology to assist accurate, high-confidence optical diagnosis.
  • In combination with the CV-1500 Video System Center, the processor’s 5-LED light source offers innovative observation modes: TXI (Texture and Color Enhancement Imaging) and RDI (Red Dichromatic Imaging).

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